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Why choose 3DESIGN?


You need to use the most advanced CAD software when it comes to designing and manufacturing. With over 20 years of expertise in the jewelry industry, 3Design has established its presence worldwide. Its unparalleled reputation has made 3Design the go-to software for all jewelers.

Visually appealing

“A user-friendly and professional interface which is easy to manage.”

With feedback from our 3Design users, we have modified the interface to resemble a jeweler’s environment at the workbench. To encourage goldsmiths and designers with decades of experience in the trade, the 3Design interface is clean, visual and simple to use.


Independently developed

“3Design is not a solution based on Rhino.”

Since the launch of 3Design, the software has been developed as an independent 3D engine and further updated at our headquarters. Thanks to our talented development team we have made our 3Design dream a reality.
To date, 5000 customers have placed their trust in us and are satisfied with their CAD tool.

Short learning curve

“Easy to learn and manoeuvre

After training with one of our technical experts, you will be able to begin your design journey. Jewelers and designers alike can let their imagination run wild with our tools. 3Design’s dynamic tools make laborious creations a thing of the past.
Our 3Design support teams are proud to help our users by bringing their CAD expertise in their daily jewelry life.


“A powerful parametric engine”


3Design saves all the parameters of your design, making it straightforward to modify a design in front of the customer or at a later stage. This parametric technology prevents you from having to start from scratch. The power of parametric! You have full control of your designs and can share them at any point with your clients.  

Give a new dimension to 3DESIGN with our 2 options

Develop your jeweller potential to its full potential.


Take your designs to a new level with DeepImage™

Let your customers fall in love with your creations. DeepImage™ is a dedicated rendering add-on to 3Design & 3Shaper for producing high-definition photo realistic images. Increase your sales through multiple visual options, this module is perfect for communicating on your website, with your clients and with manufacturers.


Think outside the box

3Shaper is an independent module of 3Design allowing the creation of organic shapes in order to control deformations more easily and build more detailed and natural 3D objects. Delivered as an add-on to 3Design but also as a stand-alone solution, it allows another dimension of jewelry creation.

3DESIGN your imagination


3Design v9 new interface

3Design Training


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