How to put together a digital jewelry workshop?

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How to put together a digital jewelry workshop?

The installation of a jewelry digital workshop is as important as the choice of materials or the quality of the precious stones that will be used: a key step towards excellence. In addition to the choice of 3D software, its ergonomics, its connectivity, the operating system or the 3D modeler, can directly influence the creativity, fluidity and speed of execution between the different stages of designing a jewelry piece.

How to build a digital jewelry workshop?

  1. The first step of the digital chain in jewelry is hand sketch.
    With graphic tablets like Wacom or others, the first sketches are digital while preserving pleasure and intimacy of pencil’s use.
  2. The second step of digitalization is the 3D model edition similar to manual creation
    The addition of a 3D mouse allows users to control software functionalities with both hands: With the left hand taking care of the part orientation while the model creation is completed with the right hand (new features in soon to be released 3DESIGN V9.4).
  3. The third step: Select a 3d scanner for jewelry
    Some manufacturers already offer 3D scanners equipped with 3SHAPER and its surface reconstruction module to directly modify existing models in an intuitive free-form module. Please contact 3Design to get answers.
  4. The only thing left to do is to send the 3D models to Rapid Prototyping machines. Thanks to various partnerships between 3DESIGN and various RP manufacturers, it can only take a single click to send your models to prototyping software for production.

Constant Software innovation through meaningful industry partnerships.

At Type3, we strive to team up with the best machine manufacturers to always remain focused on software development 3DESIGN and 3SHAPER which ensuring perfect compatibility with the best and newest equipment available in the market.
Our compatibility with graphics tablets, our partnerships with CAD specialists and professional graphics card manufacturers, our close relationships with manufacturers of 3D scanners and 3D printers all aim at perfecting 3DESIGN and make it the central piece of every jewelery digital workshop.
3DESIGN’s users trust our expertise. Our partners are confident in our decades long history of software development. Our independence from other 3D engine or third party software gives us the freedom to decide freely about any strategic or technical directions. We offer platform choice whether our users prefer Mac or PC.
This independence, technical expertise and vision towards the future make 3DESIGN the best Jewelry CAD solution today and for many years to come.

Our mission: Enhance creativity and speed up the entire design process!

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