3Design FAQ

All the answers to your questions

General Questions

Where can I download 3Design?

After purchasing 3Design, you can download 3Design from our website filling out the form in the download area : https://3design.com/en/download/
You can also download it from the forum: http://forum.3design.com/. You just need to sign in and you can download 3Design and share all your 3Design experiences.

How to Purchase a license for 3Design?

Fill out the form at https://3design.com/en/contact or you can click on Buy Now at the top right of the page. A representative in your zone will call you as soon as possible.

What do I receive when I purchase the software?

You will receive a box including 3 items:
– Instructions to install 3Design
– USB drive preloaded with installation files
– Security Key (Dongle) to protect your software

Can I get a trial license?

3D software can be difficult to understand without guidance. We prefer to provide you the best experience with our software. We organize hands on workshops throughout the year. If you are not available for these sessions, you can ask to attend a webinar or a personal demonstration.


How to get started with my new software?

You can connect to the Welcome Page for the first steps : https://3design.com/en/welcome/ . You will find all the information you need to get started.
Also, some tutorials are included with the software and you can ask your questions to the community in the 3Design forum: http://forum.3design.com/.
And of course, you can always call us to help you if you need more assistance.

Is my product or my version still supported and developed?

Please go here to search for your product’s lifecycle.

?We invite you to discover our version 11 through our website: 3DESIGN V11

Or by contacting one of our sales representatives directly:

+33 4 74 70 80 00

Stay ahead of the curve, use the latest 3DESIGN version.

Can you offer training for beginners and experts?

We offer group and personal training for all levels of users. We also have the possibility to give you online training. We always advise that beginners receive training, as 3D software can be intimidating for beginners. Even if you are an expert, further training can help you learn specific functions and learn new helpful tips and tricks.

Can you help me if I am stuck on a design?

Yes, we have a support team to help you. You just need call us or e-mail us. We will answer your questions.
We offer yearly subscriptions with full access to our professional support team. Training is available to help boost your skill level. You can also get involved in our community and ask other 3Design users on our forum: http://forum.3design.com/.

How can I update my dongle driver?

Go to Thales website: https://cpl.thalesgroup.com/software-monetization/sentinel-drivers

For Windows users, the driver starts with “Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer” and ends with the driver number (example: 8.11)

For Mac users, the driver starts with “Sentinel HASP/LDK Mac OS X Runtime GUI Installation” and ends with the driver number (example: 8.11)

You can use the search function at any time.

You can verify if the update was successful on http://localhost:1947/_int_/diag.html

The Run-time Installer number must be the same as the driver number

Why my dongle is not flashing?

If possible, try another USB port. If not, verify your USB port with another device.

Update your dongle following the step in “How can I update my dongle”

Try restarting your computer.

If the issue continues, please contact the support team or the sales team.

Hardware and System compatibility

What are the minimum computer requirements to run the software?

We have created a minimum systems requirement guide to check your current system or help with choosing a new desktop or laptop. You can check it here.
Of course, if you have any doubts, just contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Are you compatible with the latest macOS and Windows 10?

Yes, we are compatible with the latest version of macOS and Windows. The choice is yours. You just need to check the minimum requirement for our software.

What is the difference between a soft dongle and a dongle stick and why do I need it?

The soft dongle and the dongle stick are both used to protect our software. Soft dongles are linked to only one computer and are used mostly for trial licenses or student licenses. In other cases, dongle sticks are used. They can be plugged into any computer where 3Design is installed if you have internet connection or your license file. This offers more flexibility to the 3Designers around the world.