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Congratulations on joining the fastest growing community of jewelry CAD designers and revolutionize your business. With 3Design, you will dazzle your existing Clients, attract new ones and enhance your creative process.

First Steps into 3Design

with a full guided tour hosted by David Swallow, Application Engineer at Type3 Software California.


Take your first tour inside 3Design to become familiar with the General User Interface (GUI).

You’ll quickly be on your way to building your first designs.


3Design offers many shortcuts on keyboard and mouse controls to speed up your design process.

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Graphic Settings

To get the best experience with 3Design, you must optimize your dedicated graphic cards.
According to your graphic card, click on the following videos:


20 New Features

Our range of tools will boost your work in your daily life as a jeweller. Discover new features that offer a perfect balance between technical skills and creativity.

Free Tutorials

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 All the steps to download and install the latest version of 3Design for Mac and Windows

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