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Congratulations for joining the fastest growing community of jewelry CAD designers, and revolutionize your business. With 3Design, you will be able to dazzle your customers, attract new clients, and enhance your creative process.

Through its artistic user interface you will become a master at creating 3D models and renderings. 3Design’s advanced parametric technology is accessible to both beginners and experts. From high-end to custom and from bridal to fashion, the jeweler’s choice is 3Design CAD.

We created a series of videos (please see below) to help you get more familiar with “How to use” 3Design, navigate its general user interface and learn its mouse moves.

Along with this, you will find a PDF with installation instructions on “How to install” your product, and a hardware requirements sheet so you can verify your computer specs fit the needs for 3Design.

Make your first steps into 3Design

with a full guided tour hosted by David Swallow, Application Engineer at Type3 Software California.

Getting Started with 3Design

Take your first tour inside 3Design to familiarize yourself to the general user interface (GUI) and quickly learn your way to build your first designs.

Learning Keyboard & Mouse with 3Design

3Design offers many shortcuts on keyboard, and mouse controls to speed up your design process. This video summarizes them all so you can get quicker into masterizing motions within the software.

Tutorials for everyone

Learning has never been easier.
Watch our tutorial videos to become an expert quickly!
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Download technical documentation

Download the installation instruction as PDF file, as well as the recommended hardware configurations.

3Design Installation Instruction

PDF File Format (390KB)

Follow the simple steps to install your version of 3Design on MAC or PC

3Design PC/MAC Configurations

PDF File Format (98.0 KB)

Check if your computer specs fit with the minimal requirements to run 3Design

Visit the Forum !

Check the 3Design forums daily to read about new big & tiny things about all 3Designers and on what they are working on. Answer posts and share your experience using a large variety of communities across the globe.
Also download the latest version of 3Design right from the official page.

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