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Promote your 3D creation through your dedicated viewer

A new shopping experience for your customers.
Increase your in-store sales in bringing your customers through a unique and personalized design experience. Our viewer gives you the possibility to compose your jewel to suit your client’s needs.

Adapted to point of sales

Solution that blends into the shop atmosphere
A better way to present your creations in stores.
Select a model and visualize it in 3D.

Bespoke 3D Jewelry tool

Visualize and customize front of your clients, your 3Design jewel database, make the experience unforgetable !

Designing outside the box !

Introduce your customers to jewelry they’ve never seen before!
Renew your collections at a faster pace.


Reduce your stocks

Thousands of articles available at no cost.
No unsold worries.

Boutique features

Your jewelry, your software

This new 3D viewer can be customized with your shop’s logo.
Impress your customers with a software customized to your brand.

Your 3Design library available

Very easy to use and user-friendly, you can import your 3Design library in Boutique.
You will find your materials to vizualize your creations in real time.
A search bar allows you to save time.

Take your creations everywhere.

3Design adapts to tablets for more mobility in your jewelry store.
We know how important it is to be able to move around in your point of sale. That’s why 3Design Boutique is available on tablet*.


*Only on windows tablets

Price :