3DESIGN VERSIONS end-of-life products

The following versions will no longer be supported. We invite you to contact your sales representative or sales department to upgrade to the latest 3DESIGN V12 version.

Obsolescence of 3Design V10 (and earlier versions) results in:

–    The change in protection technology and licenses preventing the reprogramming dongle licenses of obsolete versions requested by customers.
–    Stopping the distribution of installation files for obsolete versions.
–    The impossibility of performing Gravotech technical support, whatever it is, on these older versions.
–    The progressive and possible incompatibility of files (*. VTF) from older versions with the current versions of the software.

Versions Release date End-of-life
3DESIGN V10 01-02-2021 01-02-2024
3DESIGN V9 06-19-2015 01-01-2023
3DESIGN V8 07-18-2012 11-05-2019
3DESIGN V7 10-10-2010 08-16-2016
3DESIGN V6 09-01-2008 09-01-2012

3DESIGN PRODUCTS  end-of-life products

Products Release date End-of-life
Cad viewer 07-18-2012 01-01-2023
Cad Player 07-18-2012 01-01-2023
Cad Player AP 07-18-2012 01-01-2023
Cad Pro Did 09-01-2008 01-01-2023
Cad Design Did 09-01-2008 01-01-2023
Cad Suzuho 07-18-2012 01-01-2023
Free student 06-19-2015 06-01-2022

DEEPIMAGE end-of-life products

Our company will no longer be able to provide assistance and support for the DEEP IMAGE™ module accessible from our 3Design software.

The use of the DEEP IMAGE™ module via our 3Design software will still be possible but will unfortunately no longer be subject to updates or corrections, if any.

Please also note that this specific application will no longer be available across our software product range.

DeepImage products Release date End-of-life
DeepImage v2.1 (Windows OS) 02-01-2021 01-01-2024
DeepImage v2.0 (Windows OS) 06-19-2015 0-01-2024
DeepImage v1.1 (WindowsOS)
07-18-2012 01-01-2024
DeepImage v1.0 (Windows OS) 07-18-2012 01-01-2024
DeepImage v2.1 (Apple OS) 02-01-2021 06-01-2022
DeepImage v2.0 (Apple OS) 06-19-2015 01-01-2022
DeepImage v1.1 (Apple OS)
07-18-2012 06-01-2022
DeepImage v1.0 (Apple OS) 07-18-2012 06-01-2022

3SHAPER end-of-life products

3SHAPER products Release date End-of-life
3SHAPER Essential 10-10-2010 01-01-2023
3SHAPER Diamond 10-10-2010 01-01-2023
3SHAPER Phenix 10-10-2010 01-01-2023
3SHAPER Essential EDU STUDENT 10-10-2010 01-01-2023
3SHAPER Diamond EDU STUDENT 10-10-2010 01-01-2023
3SHAPER Phenix EDU STUDENT 10-10-2010 01-01-2023
3SHAPER Essential EDU MASTER 10-10-2010 01-01-2023
3SHAPER Diamond EDU MASTER 10-10-2010 01-01-2023
3SHAPER Phenix EDU MASTER 10-10-2010 01-01-2023

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