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3DESIGN v12ULTRA realistic real time display

3DESIGN v12Elevate Your Design Experience with Next-Gen Live Rendering Technology and robust Stability!


Elevate your jewelry presentations with our Ultra Realistic Real-Time Display. Designed specifically for the nuanced needs of jewelry and high jewelry design, this feature offers unparalleled clarity and detail, bringing your designs to life before they are even crafted.

Our Specific Display for jewelry caters to the unique aspects of high-end design, ensuring that every glint and gleam is as compelling as the real thing. It’s not just a visualization; it’s an experience that captures the essence of luxury and artistry.


Maximize your design’s potential with 3DESIGN’s smart 3D Viewer settings. Our software automatically harnesses the power of the most capable graphics card available, fine-tuning reflections and shadows for a superior visual experience. Enjoy optimized graphics performance that brings every detail to life, for a realistic and impactful representation of your creative vision.

Newoptimized displays

3DESIGN’s Displays: Streamlining Design Complexity into Clarity. Our intuitive visualization modes demystifies 3D models for easy understanding, ensuring that every detail is presented in a clear, accessible format. This approach not only facilitates the design process but also ensures a smooth and efficient experience for designers at all skill levels


Unlock design precision with 3DESIGN’s enhanced Image and Material Database. Dive into an extensive library, customizable to fit your creative needs, and build with materials and images that bring increased realism and accuracy to your designs. With advanced technical control, witness your ideas rendered with breathtaking fidelity and detail.


Capture and animate with ease using 3DESIGN’s new screen capture and animation features. Tailor your 3D views with customizable options to create dynamic, high-quality visuals and immersive 360° videos. Bring your presentations and promotions to life, showcasing your designs with unparalleled clarity and engagement


3DESIGN is now seamlessly integrated with Apple’s ARM architecture (M chips) , delivering superior performance and ensuring your design tools are future-proof on Apple platforms. Apple users can rejoice in a markedly improved user experience with faster execution speeds, providing consistent performance that professionals can rely on for precision design work. This is more than an update; it’s a commitment to excellence for Apple users in the design community.

NewUSer experience

Revolutionize your design process with 3DESIGN’s UX enhancements and the innovative Iris 360° Right-Click Menu. Experience a user interface that’s not only more intuitive but also accelerates your ability to navigate the build tree and access vital features swiftly via a radial menu. These improvements aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about amplifying productivity, enhancing design quality, and offering unmatched flexibility in project management. Step into a workspace where every click positions you for creative excellence and organizational prowess

NewBoosts Your 3D Creativity

3DESIGN is proud to announce key enhancements to our design tools. With over 60 improvements and fixes, we’ve heightened stability and efficiency for a seamless design experience. These enhancements boost the features you rely on for optimized 3D design and visualization, ensuring your creative vision is realized with precision and ease.

New60 improvements for a stable and efficient tool

Modify curve

Multi cutters


In between 3D

Variable channel

advanced pavé

Topology display

Material cost

advanced wrap


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