3D sculpting program for free form jewelry

A 3DESIGN module

3Shaper is a 3D sculpting program. It is an independent module of 3DESIGN enabling the creation of organic 3D shapes and free form jewelry.

Sub-D Technology
for Smoother Surfaces

Produce complex forms, sculpt 3D models with 3Shaper accurately and convert sub-d models into a NURBS based format. This allows for further interaction with 3Design tools.

Build intricate surfaces

Accurately rebuild 3D meshes. As an advanced 3D sculpting program, it takes its users to the next level, allowing for free-flowing shapes.

3D sculpting program & Free form jewelry software

Think outside the box!

Freeform Sculpting

Free form jewelry sculpting

Easy to design 3D advanced surfaces with 3Shaper

Pushing your creativity

Creating new shapes for new trends

Instinctive jewelers workflow

Sculpting any 3D model comes with a fully developped ergonomics, look and feel


Build free form jewelry

3Shaper as an additional module gives 3Design users the opportunity to freely model and sculpt organic forms. This Sub-D technology is comparable to molding a piece of clay.

Discover 3Shaper
Subdivision Surfaces

Dedicated to pushing your design boundaries even further with free form jewelry and 3D organic modeling.
By using Sub-D technology, designers can pull, twist and bend like you would a piece of clay.
Discover 3Shaper V2 parametric features.

Discover 3Shaper subdivision of surfacesWatch video

You too can sculpt 3D models even without any basic knowledge in computer.

See by yourself how our 3Shaper sculpting 3D program works. Register for a live demonstration to find out more!