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Organic modeling for creative jewelry

A 3Design module or as a standalone option

3Shaper is a 3d modeling software. It is an independent module of 3Design enabling the creation of organic 3D shapes. Available as an add-on to 3Design software or a standalone installation.

Sub-D Technology
for Smoother Surfaces

Produce complex forms with 3Shaper accurately and convert sub-d models into a NURBS based format. This allows for further interaction with 3Design tools.

Build intricate surfaces

Accurately rebuild 3D meshes. As an advanced modeling software, it takes its users to the next level, allowing for free-flowing shapes.

3D Modeling & Freeform Software

This organic modeler is available as an option or in a stand-alone version. Think outside the box!

Freeform Sculpting

Freeform Sculpting

Easy to design 3D advanced surfaces with 3Shaper

Pushing your creativity

Creating new shapes for new trends

Instinctive jewelers workflow

Shaping any new design comes with a fully developped ergonomics, look and feel


Build organic jewelry

3Shaper as an additional module gives 3Design users the opportunity to freely model organic forms. This Sub-D technology is comparable to molding a piece of clay.


Sculpting your ideas

As an entry level package to the 3Shaper family, this standalone software uses subdivision and some 3Design tools. After creating your organic shape, you can measure, weigh and calculate the final costs prior to manufacturing.

Discover 3Shaper
Subdivision Surfaces

Dedicated to pushing your design boundaries even further with organic modeling.
By using Sub-D technology, designers can pull, twist and bend like you would a piece of clay.
Discover 3Shaper V2 parametric features.

Discover 3Shaper subdivision of surfacesWatch video

See what our 3Shaper users think

Shape your designs the way you intend them to be, using 3Shaper's tools.
“3Shaper has become second nature for me now. By using both 3Design and 3Shaper tools I am no longer limited with my designs.”
“3Shaper allows me to envision my 3D organic shapes while I am building. I could not do this with my previous software. When you want to be go down the professional route you need the best tools available. Tech support has been helpful each time I have had a question. Great service!”
“Did not think I would ever need 3Shaper with my style of jewelry, but I started getting more and more requests for organic shapes. Shapes such as animals, flowers and skulls are now forms I create within the software, whereas in the past I would have carved it at the bench out of wax.”
“I recently introduced 3Shaper to my design team and asked them to build a series of organically shaped brooches. It took them about a week to familiarize themselves with the software. They used the electronic Help module when they got stuck. My designers have found it an intuitive piece of software and cannot wait for their next challenge.”
“Computer Aided Drawing has become more and more a part of the jewelry industry. At school I was lucky enough to have a CAD/CAM class. Once you understand the foundation of 3Shaper your designs have no limits. The parametric history tree is a life saver as it allows you to trace back your steps and alter designs. It has been a short learning curve for me as the interface of 3Design and 3Shaper are alike.

You too can build 3D forms even without any basic knowledge in computer.

See by yourself how 3Shaper works.
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