3Shaper Features

Taking 3D objects to another level

organic desgin applied on advanced jewelry

Organic modeling applied on advanced jewelry

Add precision to your creation

3Shaper is the 3D organic modeller of the 3Design range of products capable of dividing surfaces in smaller and smaller divisions, allowing controlling distortions but also any surface variations such as texturing or surface finishings.

reverse engineering on complex surfaces

Retopology and reverse engineering

Rebuild and replicate existing models

Rebuilding 3D objects from various entities (3D scans, other CAD formats…) becomes an easy task with 3Shaper as the Retopology tool ( an additional option to 3Shaper) helps rebuild any 3D elements into a real NURBS surface or solid.

Shapes molds or any shapes

Form molds of any shape

Master your model in various sizes

Easy to design 3D advanced surfaces with 3Shaper. With powerful tools such as the extruder or the multi-duplications, designs take life in matter of seconds and their productions is insured not only for STL exports but any other file such as IGS, STEP and OBJ.

Design fashion accessories in 3D - control distortions

Craft fashion accessories

Luxurious prêt-à-porter pieces

Creating new shapes for new trends is what is you could acheive with 3Shaper.
Thought from a sculpting perspective, this additional package to 3Design is perfect to build what has not been made yet and outperform your competition.

3Shaper V2 Organic Modeling: Tableware design

Tableware designs

Create dining accessories

Shaping any new design comes with maturity and excellence in ergonomy, look and feel. 3Shaper brings all the tools to build new generations of silverware and art-de-la-table. Start new ideas with nothing less than a CAD extending your imagination.

Engineer consumer goods

A versatile tool

Forging, texturing, manipulating surfaces is as efficient as selecting surface sub-divisions in 3Shaper. Quick actions thanks to its selection tool allow you to build cavities and new ergonomic solutions in no time. Thanks to its engine, 3Shaper perfects any design to its utmost details.

Shape 3d model as from clay

Freeform Sculpting

Mold forms as in clay

As an organic modeller, 3Shaper is simply giving you most of what CAD can offer today. With its sub-d technology, the surfaces become a second skin to your projects and manipulating their morphology is as easy as sweeping curves. 3Shaper morphs your ideas.

Use reverse enginerring to rebuild any 3D shapes

Reverse Engineering on bas-reliefs

Take control over your design

Using Retopology (additional option to 3Shaper module), not only can you rebuild any 3D shape that would have been altered, you can also build a new one with the same level of quality originaly obtained. Rebuilding or reverse engineering is possible in 3D.

3D jewelry has never been this easy to conceive.

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