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NewUSer experience

3Design is legendary for the most attractive, simple and fast user interface. Our UX design team has given 3Design even more aesthetic and accessibility improvements. Icons, colors, 3D visual effects, borders, search tools, wide screens and 3D mouse compatibility offers 3Designers a stunning user experience.

With V11, discover how jewelry design can now be a seamless, fluid and high-performance experience!

Newnew features

Without further ado, we present new features that allow you to go further in your creations. V11 has been designed to adapted itself to your daily life as a jeweller. Discover how these new features gives you the design advantage you’ve been wanting.


Our new design is a more powerful and robust version of 3Design, allowing you to create without limits and enjoy the full features of the software.


Our users have incredible expertise and ideas and we want to make your dreams come true! For more than 20 years our customer’s feedback for new tools and improvements are assets we value the most: V11 contains more than 80 great existing feature improvements coming directly from clever 3Design fans.

more possibilities. more creativity.

NewMore than 25 new features and improvements

Unwrap to curve


stone color

tapered extrusion

fill hole

advanced pavé

advanced unwrap


advanced wrap

edge sharpness

Bolean improved

gizmo in 3design

folder as default

clean your meshes

new filter (tree)

And Morediscover

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