3Design V9.400 is available for download!

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Innovation and the concern for perfection are our driving forces every day.

Why still use a single, simple mouse when you’re working in 3D?

Turning around his jewel in 3D to adjust its curves and details is as essential to the designer as turning constantly around his model for a sculptor. The 3D mouse is the ideal tool to fly around your jewelry, get closer to it, turn the piece around in a snap and gain fluidity. This precious time and attention previously devoted to manipulating your views with a 2D mouse is now dedicated to your design.


In the right hand, your 3D mouse (or 3D joystick) allows you to manipulate your views. In the left hand, your 2D mouse allows you to work. (the opposite is also true, of course).
With two hands, efficiency is instantaneous! The new 3D Connexion compatibility is the star novelty of this version of your favorite jewelry cad software. Take advantage of the new version of 3Design by downloading it directly via our user forum http://forum.3design.com

No forum account yet ?

The page for downloading 3Design is inside the forum and you need a valide account to be able to enter the forum.

  1. Click on “Register” on top right of the Forum
  2. Fill in the form (with your dongle number)
  3. Wait for the email notification that your account is now active.

Be noticed that this is a manual validation and it can takes few days for dongle verification.

I want to take advantage of this new version!