Swiss 3D jewellery training by ASMEBI

CAD classes organized by the Swiss Association of Jewelers (ASMEBI), In Geneva


Looking for a 3D design software experience for Jewellery ?

The Swiss Association of Jewelers ASMEBI has scheduled 3 classes in the MAC lab training room at the Professional Center of Art in Geneva (CFPAA in Cité Vieusseux, 9).

2 local master users with nearly 30 years of craftsmanship in jewellery and 15 years of expertise with 3DESIGN software were chosen to share their experience and teach a 24-h course over 3 Saturdays.

By sharing their 3DESIGN learning curve and lessons learned over the years, they will certainly help you answer many questions that you are probably asking yourself.

Whether you are just starting with 3DESIGN or you’d like to increase your knowledge, please come and join us for this unique training.

Do not hesitate, and participate at this training!

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