3DESIGN China contest – Awards ceremony

3Design Chinese contest – Awards ceremony


A big thank you to all for your participation in the 3Design Chinese contest! Congratulations to Chuang Gu, the big winner, but we don’t forget the others who participated and shared with us their interest in our 3Design software!
We would like to thank our partners and the organizers without whom this contest would not have been a success.


Some numbers

This contest was the meeting of many talented 3Designers, here are some numbers :
509 participants
35 participating schools
22 jewel companies
19 provinces


The theme of this 2018-2019 session was:


Geese have left their mark and the wind has passed the sound. Even with technology development and trends, there will always be traces.
In the era of rapid technology development, with 3D metal printing technology, knowing how to capture the traces of nature, whether created by man or simply, and focusing on jewelry, consists of testing participants performance and design capabilities and operation of the software associated with 3D printing.


Discover the winners and their creations







Some pictures of the event

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