Participate to our Asian 2018-2019 3Design Jewelry design Contest !

Ready to show your 3D jewelry design skills
to the world ?


There are 509 people registered for the contest! Thank you all for your participation.
You can submit your work until 31 March 2019 and the award ceremony will take place in May 2019.

Concerning prices :

– 1st prize, 1 person, 3Design software permanent + 5000 RMB
– 2nd prize, 1 person, 3Shaper-PHENIX permanent + 3000 RMB
– 3rd prize, 1 person, 2 years’ 3Design+3Shaper without output + 1000 RMB
– Encouraging prize, 3 persons, 1 year’s 3Design+3Shaper without output
– 10 other prizes for honor, such as the best creativity, the best commercial value, the best 3Design teacher, the best design, the best color…


The theme of this 2018-2019 session is:


Geese have left their mark and the wind has passed the sound. Even with technology development and trends, there will always be traces.
In the era of rapid technology development, with 3D metal printing technology, knowing how to capture the traces of nature, whether created by man or simply, and focusing on jewelry, consists of testing participants performance and design capabilities and operation of the software associated with 3D printing.

To suscribe to the contest, visit the 3Design Contest official page (in Chinese)







Previous session winning designs: