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Complete the 3Design & 3Shaper package

DeepImage is a powerful marketing tool to render your creations with realistic materials and environments. It runs as a side application, allowing you to continue designing.

Assign materials by dragging & dropping

DeepImage has a built-in library of materials and environments to choose from. As you start to apply your choice of material the rendering comes alive.

Create high-definition animations

After selecting your materials and environments, choose your scene props and movement. Create promotional videos. Will your design spin on a turntable? Swoop down? You get to decide!

DeepImage™ rendering & animation software

With a powerful rendering engine, DeepImage™ is fully integrated into 3Design.

PhotoRealistic Visual Effects

Intuitive and easy to learn

Professional renderings within minutes

Introducing DeepImage™ rendering & animation studio

Working in collaboration with The Foundry and the Modo team, Type3 created DeepImage™.
Available as an option to 3Design and 3Shaper, DeepImage™ generates ray tracing renderings and high-quality animations using QuickTime, Windows Media Player, PNG and JPEG sequences.

See what our DeepImage™ users think

“Taking a photo of a piece of jewelry involves creating the right scene, setting the lighting etc.
DeepImage does this all for you. It has been a simple and straightforward application to use to create a photo studio environment. Extremely happy with the ease and speed of this software.”
“Realistically as a designer you have limited time to create renders. Time is money.
As a designer you are requested for more and more realistic images from the client. Everyone wants a final image before production. DeepImage has been my saviour. It is quick, efficient and I can carry on with other designs while it is doing its magic.”
“DeepImage is a versatile plug-in allowing designers to continue working within 3Design if required. It is as easy as dragging and dropping colors. Our CAD department could not be any happier!”
“DeepImage is a superior Rendering engine. It is the simplest I have used so far. I can sell my designs through my online catalogue, keeping my inventory costs down. What more could you ask for?”
DeepImage looks simple and clear, because it is. It gets the job done. Gives me the standards I need. You can create as simple or as complicated a rendering as you like. There is no fuss. Design, rendering, then email the client to get the order finalized.”

How simple can 3D rendering of jewelry models be?

See by yourself how DeepImage™ works.

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